Beas Welt

The things that make my world go round

Traveling alone has one big advantage: nobody is going to moan when you’re taking a detour to visit an out-of-the-way museum with an obscure theme, or protest when you want to play nine holes spontaneously. The downsides are obvious: Nobody to chat with over dinner or share the cost of the hotel room with.

I like to travel by myself. I even learnt to enjoy playing golf by myself, although I’d rather join a group. And I can appreciate good food in all circumstances.


So this is what this blog is about: (solo) travel, golf and food, the great passions of my life. Besides reading. And watching movies or television. I’m a bit of a drama-series- and sitcom-junkie, frankly. And I’m a journalist. Examples of my work in German can be accessed here. The new stuff will be mostly in English.


Follow me on my travels. I’ll twitter, if possible. And post daily updates on Faacebook.